RSVP for Easter

We love trying new things at Community Bible Church!  Easter weekend is naturally a unique weekend for most churches.  At CBC we will be having 10 different services with 3 different experiences in 2 different venues.  It's also the weekend that we have more guests than any other weekend making it very confusing to communicate to that first time guest.  

One of the challenges that we face every year is that we overflow about half of our services which causes hundreds of families to experience our services in an overflow venue which is often less than desirable.  We have also found that the majority of these families are first time guests as they are new and don't know that they need to arrive 30 minutes early to get a seat.  So this year, we're trying something new: the RSVP App.  

We are driving people to go to and RSVP for the service they are going to attend.  Through this they are able to tell which services will be most full and which will have more than enough room.  By RSVPing they will also be getting email updates a week before and a day before with important information like parking tips and tricks along with kids check-in information.  

What do you think?  Is this a good idea or a bad idea?  We think it's a good idea, but I will definitely follow up after Easter to let you know how our visitors and member respond to this new option.  If you're interested in setting up your own RSVP App simply go to

Guest Post: Should Churches Make Social Media A Priority?

This is a guest post from my friend Jeremy Smith.  I have followed Jeremy for many years online as he is a leading voice in church technology and innovation.  Enjoy these insights from Jeremy as he shares some thoughts on Social Media and the Church:

This year has been an absolutely fun experience as I have taken on a year long adventure to begin to construct a foundation to identify what it means for churches to create a digital ministry. The idea of the research project is that churches are investing in social media and websites, but very little data has been gathered on the topic. I therefore set out to gather data on the 100 largest churches in America in 2014 to see what was already being done.

I was able to answer questions like: 

·       What social media platforms should churches be on?

·       What should be posted on your church’s website?

·       How frequently should a church post on social media?

·       What pages need to be on your website?

·       What content is being posted most on social media accounts?

But the first question that came about is how important social media should be in relationship to churches. The study by Outreach ministry looked at the congregation size of churches in America. I wanted to look at how the size of social media compared to their congregation size. Here is what I found.

But this data by itself is meaningless. I decided to take it a step further and wondered if making their social media presence a priority, and ultimately a ministry in and of itself, would be wise. In my latest eBook, By The Numbers, I found that when you take a church’s social media size in conjunction with the frequency of posting to engage with people as well as advertise events, volunteer opportunities, and other announcements, the reach of a social media presence would be much greater than what could be done effectively in church services.

The questions now are:

·       What will you do with this information?

·       Could you dedicate some staff or volunteers to create and maintain a digital ministry, time and energy to create quality content at a consistent rate, and engage with new and current audiences?

·       And would you have enough intentionality within your strategy to further the cause of your ministry’s mission and purpose?

 If you would like to see an even further breakdown of the research data, you can actually purchase the By The Numbers eBook at For those that would like a free copy of the first three chapters of the eBook, you can get it by signing up for our mailing list.

We're Hiring a Social Media Manager! Interested?

Do you love Social Media and Jesus?  We have a great job for you at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas! 

We are hiring a Social Media Manager to oversee all of our social networks at the church.  The role involves creative content development and storytelling, platform and conversation management/monitoring, volunteer engagement, ministry support/coaching and more.  

This is an exciting opportunity for the right creative leader!  Community Bible Church literally reaches millions of people from all over the world each week through our various networks.  Our current sweet spot is Facebook, but we are looking for a ministry innovator who can increase influence and impact on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and more!  

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  To learn more about the position go to

10 Fundamentals to a Creative Church YouTube Strategy

Last night I attended an event here in New York at YouTube Spaces.  It was an experience to say the last to enter this space from the Elevator ride up to the presentation and the interactions.  I'm going to take the 10 basic fundamentals that they shared and help to adjust the presentation for your church to consider.

  1. Shareability - Are your videos funny, relatable or topical? Why would someone want to share your videos with their friends online?
  2. Conversation - Are you speaking to the audience watching the video or just posting sermons to a live audience and YouTubers get to watch?
  3. Interactivity - How can your YouTube audience interact with your video?  Consider asking a question for them to comment with their thoughts.
  4. Consistency - Are your videos all over the place when it comes to quality and tone?  As you build an audience online consistency of format and voice are very important.
  5. Targeting - Who do you want to reach with your YouTube videos? (Don't say everyone, please)
  6. Sustainability - If you build an audience on YouTube can you continue to feed the audience with more videos?  Don't over promise and under deliver.
  7. Discoverability - Do you title your videos for people to easily find through YouTube search?  Please don't user your church name and sermon date as your YouTube video title.
  8. Accessibility - Do your videos make sense to every viewer even if they have never seen another video of yours or been to your church?
  9. Collaboration - Can you bring other influencers into your YouTube videos that would likely connect with your audience as well as introduce their audience to your videos?
  10. Inspiration - Do you enjoy making videos for YouTube?  What you create should inspire you to make more and inspire your audience to watch more.  

I encourage you to go down this list and answer yes or no based on your church YouTube channel.  If you don't yet have a church YouTube channel, what are you waiting for?

Twitter Video is Here

Click the image above to see my first Twitter Video.  Like every other social network Twitter too has not gone video!  I'm sure you have noticed more and more videos showing up in your Facebook news feed and Instagram seems to have almost as many videos as pictures these days.  

The great news about this is that you don't need any fancy equipment or special skills, you just need to be creative!

I just spoke with another pastor yesterday who didn't feel like he could do video because he didn't have a DSLR camera, a studio in his church and a video editor on staff.  My response was: "Do you have an iPhone and a thumb?"  That's all you need!  

So what are you waiting for?  Start creating videos and watch your social media engagement increase overnight on social media!  

To learn more about Twitter go to