Social Media Church Basics

A few months ago I was in Southern California having a cup of coffee with my friend Jay Kranda after speaking at a Conference in the area. One of the things I shared with Jay was the consistent feedback that I would get after one of the conferences where someone would say: "Do you have this recorded somewhere, because I really wish ______ could have been here to hear this." Jay and I decided over that cup of coffee that we should record something like this making available a full-day Social Media Conference On-Demand where the Q & A never ended. On that day we set a day to record, laid out a basic outline, and got to work creating what we now call the Social Media Church Basics.  

As we prepared for this course, I began looking back as it was about 3 years ago that I began writing my book Social Media Guide for Ministry. The landscape has changed significantly and I no longer have to sell social media as a force, but I still need to coach people on how to get started and understanding the basics. That's what this course is all about. I would describe this as the 2.0 version of my book distributed in video this time rather than text. It also includes my good friend, Jay Kranda, which makes this a major upgrade!

In case you're not already familiar with Jay, he is the Online Campus Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forrest California as well as my co-host of the Social Media Church Podcast.  He also wrote a book about Social Media titled Social Media Made Easy. He's a great guy who gets social media and ministry and knows how to communicate it in a very practical way.  

So, back to the course.  The course is simple consisting of about 6 video training sessions from Jay and I lasting about 30 minutes each.  Each session also includes a discussion board where we're expecting very lively Q & A. When you sign up for the course you get lifetime access to the course including ongoing updates and ongoing community through the Discussion Boards where Jay and I will both actively participate answering every question asked in a timely manner.  

Here's a layout of the 6 sessions:

  1. Getting Started with Social Media
  2. Getting to Know Facebook
  3. Understanding the Other Social Networks
  4. Creating Great Content
  5. Managing Social Media
  6. Wrap Up/Tips & Tricks

If you feel like this course will help you and your church, I hope you won't hesitate to jump right in. As this is our first course and we are wanting to get as many people registered for it as possible, we are offering it at 50% off from now until the end of the year.  So, that means that this $50 course, is available right now for $25! To read more or sign up for the course simply click the button below!

If you have any questions at all simply comment and I would love to answer them. I hope the first question you have for me will be in the course though!

My Take After 6 Months of Having an Apple Watch

I just hit the 6 month mark of having an Apple Watch and I've gone through a range of emotions with it. I ordered it on day 1 and still remember getting it and the wow factor of how nice the packaging was (took me a week to throw away the box) and the onboarding experience of a personal call with video showing me how to setup and use it.  

Honestly, I didn't need the video tutorial as the setup was pretty intuitive and the functionality was pretty limited on Day 1.  Here were the range of emotions feelings I've had about the watch:

  • First 30 Days: I feel like a baller/inspector gadget, this things is sweet!
  • 30-90 days: It's kinda cool, but unnecessary and not worth the expense.  
  • 90 days - present: I can't imagine not having it.  I'd love to ditch my phone and just use this!

Honestly, the watch is still not a necessity, but it sure does prove convenient.  For me it is like when I first got a second monitor for my computer. It really didn't seem necessary, but today it's hard for me to imaging functioning without it.  My watch is my second monitor for my iPhone and it's pretty stinkin' amazing!  

Here's what I love:

  • Siri on my wrist - I rarely used Siri before, but now I use it almost daily
  • Notifications on the go - whether in a meeting or driving, getting notifications on my wrist works on the go where my phone doesn't.
  • Time and temperature - it seems strange as I haven't used a watch in years, but being able to instantly check the time and temperature on my wrist is really nice.  

Since it's not really part of the core function of the technology I didn't want to list it, but I do want to say that the size is fantastic. I got the smaller one and still thought it might be too big.  It's not at all!  I've switched between a custom leather band and a sport band and have loved both.  I feel like I have a Swatch watch like I did in middle school :)

Now, here's where I see some improvements available:

  • Louder speaker - answering the phone on my wrist is cool, but currently the speaker is too weak to work when not completely isolated.
  • Video camera - I think video conferencing from the watch is natural (even though it's small) and this functionality will be a great enhancement in the future
  • More native functionality - at this point the watch primarily just functions as a second screen from your phone, but I think as development opens up being able to do more natively on the watch will create even greater value.

If you have an Apple watch, I would love to know what you think!  If you don't I would love to know what's holding you back?