Church Technology Guide - Graphic Design

A month ago I launched a project I have dreamed about for a couple of years called the Church Technology Guide.  It's my goal to help church leaders maximize technology saving them time and money.  The first course in this series focused on Worship Production discussing basic audio/visual solutions and best practices to enhance your weekend worship services.  

I'm so excited to be launching the second course in this series about Graphic Design.  If you know me well, you know that I'm not a graphic designer nor did I know a lot about graphic design before this course.  I believe that is why this is the best course about graphic design for any church leader.  I structured this course with the basics in mind for a church leader with no graphic design experience, but values great design in their bulletins, sermon slides, song lyrics, social media platforms, website, flyers, posters, etc.  I brought in the expertise from my friends at Creative Church Staffing to help me guide you through these essential technologies in the life of your church.  

The bottom line is that every church no matter the size has design needs and I believe this course will help you look better while saving time and money.  Don't believe me or feel unsure about whether to buy the course or not?  Give the course a try today and if you don't feel like the course provided value to your church just let me know and I'll gladly without any questions reimburse your course fee.  

To purchase this Graphic Design Course today simply click here.  For the next week I am offering this course for half off of the regular price of $25 ($12.50).  I hope you will take advantage of this introductory offer and let others know of the resource as well.  

FREE Social Media Webinar May 27

Group Social Media Webinar

I'm so excited to be working with Group Publishing to offer this FREE Social Media Webinar on May 27th!  Here are the details:

Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc...) can feel a little overwhelming to a busy pastor or ministry leader. Perhaps you've thought, "I know I should be using if for my church, but I don't know where to start!" This webinar will help you narrow the field to the top 3 social media networks that will help you grow your ministry.

What You'll learn:

  • An overview of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to understand how to utilize them, and the difference they'll make in your ministry.
  • How to practically use these three platforms in a church setting.
  • Engaging examples of how churches have used social media to change lives. 

If you can't make the webinar time be sure to register anyway, we'll send you a link of the recording to watch afterward.

Webinar will be approximately 50 minutes in length.

Wed, May 27, 2015 9:00 AM PST / 10:00 AM MDT / 11:00 AM CST / 12 Noon EST

For more information and to register go to

Elevate Summit Interview with Trent Dunham

In this interview I talk with my friend Trent Dunham of Dunham & Company.  We discuss our partnership with the California Southern Baptist Convention with the Elevate Summit events.  Trent also shares some invaluable insights into creating a generous culture within your church. 

To learn more about Elevate Summit events visit

Connect with Trent on Twitter at

Learn more about Dunham & Company at

Splice 3.0 is Here!

I'm so excited about Splice 3.0!  If you're an iPhone user you need to stop reading this blog post right now and download Splice right now.  Splice is THE BEST video editing app on the iPhone and it's now even better!

I've had fun working with the team at Splice beta testing this new update as it's a complete overhaul of what was already a great app on the iPhone.  When it comes to video you are hopefully doing more and more.  It's a pain to download a video from you phone to your computer to edit.  Honestly, you shouldn't.  With Splice you can do pretty much anything and everything you would want to do directly on your iPhone including uploading it directly to Facebook and other social networks.  

One thing you won't find in this version is a direct upload to YouTube, but honestly it's very easy just to download the video from Splice to your iPhone and then upload from your photo gallery to YouTube directly.  With Splice you can make great videos, slideshows and so much more.  Check out this quick video I made this morning using a few features like the clipping (cutting the part at the beginning off where I hit the record button), video filter (like Instagram) and the background music: 

Church Technology Guide - Worship Production

For 18 months I have been dreaming about and working on this project and so today I'm excited to finally announce that the Church Technology Guide is here!  For the past 5 years I have been asking church leaders what their greatest pain points are when it comes to technology and in the coming months I will be responding to those pain points with practical solutions.  

Here's the reality for most ministry leaders: technology feels complicated and confusing and often quite expensive.  The truth is, it doesn't have to be.  There are very affordable solutions to almost all technology needs as well as practical steps that can save you lots of time and money.  I have yet to meet a pastor that doesn't like to save time and money!

The Church Technology Guide is a series of courses that targets to resolve the technology tension for ministry leaders.  Each course has an Intro Video from a landmark in New York City, Critical Questions to Ask, a Training Manual, an Expert Interview, Done for You Resources, Immediate Action Items and more.  Let me be clear, this is not a course for techies, this is a course for Pastors who want to know the essentials so that technology can get out of the way and ministry can be the focus.  

Today I am excited to share that we are releasing the first course focused on Worship Production (Audio/Visual).  We share practical tips on equipment to buy and avoid, best practices in using the equipment and systems to effectively manage it all.  I believe you will find the content in this course is practical to churches of less than 100 and more than 10,000.  

I'm also excited to share with you that as a part of our release of this course we will be offering this first course for just $10 for the first week only.  After that the course will be going up to $25.  I hope you will consider making this investment for your church as I believe it could save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.  

To learn more and purchase the course click here.