Can I help you Maximize $10,000/Month in FREE Adwords Ads?

Did you know that Google wants to give your church $10,000/month in free Adwords advertising?  I hope so, because I've been telling everyone I can over the past year about this incredible opportunity!  It has disappointed me though how many people have passed on this opportunity, but I've come to understand why.

I Love Twitter Analytics!

Twitter has probably always been my favorite social network, but I have been hesitant to invest too much time in the platform because I really had no idea how effective the investment was... until now!  I'm not sure how long it has been live, but a couple of weeks ago I found Analytics showing up in my iPhone Twitter app and have since become semi-obsessed with Twitter Analytics.  

I've been on Twitter for 5 years without knowing much about those who follow me and had to make a lot of assumptions.  Now I know where people are following me from, how many people see my tweets, what their interests are, etc.  I was very surprised how many people that follow me are interested in sunglasses.  This is probably the most informative Analytics platform of all of the social networks.

I want go on and on about this, but go to and find out more about your followers and tweets.  I would love for you to comment and share what surprises you or what your favorite part of Twitter's Analytics platform is!

Strategically Learning through Podcasts

You have probably heard the phrase “Leaders are Learners” many times before and I cannot agree more.  I have not met someone who is a strong leader and not constantly looking to learn new things.  For me learning generally comes in the form of reading (books, articles, blogs), but it’s become more and more challenging to find time to sit down and read. 

One of the things I looked forward to in moving to New York was the opportunity to read more books during my various commutes on the subway.  What I didn’t expect is how crowded the subway constantly is and getting a seat and pulling out something to read is rarely possible. 

If you know me well, I don’t sit (or stand) still well.  People watching is fun on the subway, but I needed something productive to do.  I noticed that everyone wears headphones, so I immediately thought that  I could move to Audio Books.  I’m cheap though and I quickly shifted my thoughts to FREE podcasts, which has been fantastic! 

Honestly, I have been researching podcasts quite a bit recently as I believe the iPad (or Apple in general) will soon take over car dashboards and our listening engagement in the car will come through internet data rather than radio signals.  This means we can all be a talk radio host to millions of cars everywhere through a podcast.  Just like our TV watching has shifted primarily from live TV to more on demand viewing once the DVR came out and even more with Netflix, our radios will also shift to On Demand podcasts more than live radio broadcasts.  That’s just my prediction for the future for what it’s worth.

Anyways, I continue to find such great content being recorded for podcasts and made available on iTunes that I cannot spend enough time walking and riding the subway to listen to all of the podcasts that I want to listen to.  Here are some of my favorites:

·      #AskGaryVee Show

·      Social Media Church

·      Catalyst

·      Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

·      EntreLeadership

·      Smart Passive Income

Also, for any entrepreneur or marketer, if you haven’t yet listened to Seth Godin’s Startup School podcast please go download it today and thank me later. 

So, are you a podcast listener?  What are some of your favorite podcasts?  Do you see this trend continuing to grow?

Social Media Guide for Ministry gets summarized by Ministry Library

I became a subscriber to Ministry Library a couple of months ago and love their book summaries allowing to learn more in less time.  I was overwhelmed when they reached out to me asking if they could summarize my book and I just received an email that it is live.