Live Streaming at Online Church

About 7 years ago I first started experimenting with live streaming using a platform called Mogulus (now  We simply hooked up a handy-cam to a laptop and were live!  It wasn't fancy, but it worked and thanks to social media we literally doubled our audience in a moment.  I've learned a lot since this time and took almost a 5 year hiatus from live streaming.  

You might have assumed I took a step back in technology.  At the end of the day it was less about technology and more about strategy.  We felt we could create a better experience with some post edits as well as using simulated live experiences allows us to reach people in different time zones more effectively.  This strategy has served us well, but technology has changed and we feel we are now at a place to better offer both live streamed services as well as simulated live experiences.  

So today is the day that we beta test live streaming after weeks of setup and we will publicly launch next week.  While the act of live streaming itself isn't complicated, the moving parts can be.  Here are some of the steps we've had to work through:

  • Video/audio feed through the switcher and into the encoder
  • Separate audio mix as live room mix rarely sounds good through a live stream
  • Dedicated internet line to make sure there's stable bandwidth
  • Embed/Integration with Media Social
  • Countdown clock added to
  • Integration into Roku Channel and Amazon Fire TV App
  • Integration in the CBC Mobile App

I'm sure there is more, but you get the point that it's not a simple task.  Let me be clear though, the potential ministry impact is well worth the effort invested!  

I will share more in the coming weeks, but until then I would love for you to check out our Live Streamed services at and let me know what you think.  We will be live streaming this morning at 10am, 11:30am and 1pm CST.  I hope to see you there!

I want to also say an extra thank you to the great folks at Media Fusion.  They offer the best technology at the best prices when it comes to live streaming and media distribution for churches.  Even better than the technology that they offer are the people behind the technology.  I can't recommend them enough to you and your church!

Introducing the Elevate Summit

It has been a great honor to partner with the California Southern Baptist Convention and Invictus Global to be a part of series of events throughout California called Elevate Summit!

Have you ever been somewhere and feel like you are somehow a part of a group where you don't belong.  I feel that way with these events as the level of leaders and ministry innovators are so tremendous that I'm extremely humbled to be a part of this leadership team.  Take a look at the lineup:

RSVP for Easter

We love trying new things at Community Bible Church!  Easter weekend is naturally a unique weekend for most churches.  At CBC we will be having 10 different services with 3 different experiences in 2 different venues.  It's also the weekend that we have more guests than any other weekend making it very confusing to communicate to that first time guest.  

Guest Post: Should Churches Make Social Media A Priority?

This is a guest post from my friend Jeremy Smith.  I have followed Jeremy for many years online as he is a leading voice in church technology and innovation.  Enjoy these insights from Jeremy as he shares some thoughts on Social Media and the Church:

This year has been an absolutely fun experience as I have taken on a year long adventure to begin to construct a foundation to identify what it means for churches to create a digital ministry. The idea of the research project is that churches are investing in social media and websites, but very little data has been gathered on the topic. I therefore set out to gather data on the 100 largest churches in America in 2014 to see what was already being done.

We're Hiring a Social Media Manager! Interested?

Do you love Social Media and Jesus?  We have a great job for you at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas! 

We are hiring a Social Media Manager to oversee all of our social networks at the church.  The role involves creative content development and storytelling, platform and conversation management/monitoring, volunteer engagement, ministry support/coaching and more.  

This is an exciting opportunity for the right creative leader!  Community Bible Church literally reaches millions of people from all over the world each week through our various networks.  Our current sweet spot is Facebook, but we are looking for a ministry innovator who can increase influence and impact on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and more!  

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  To learn more about the position go to